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Why Ambassadors are the True Influencers

Rebecca Borrego / September 2, 2020

There’s no shortage of “influencers” in our world today. The matter of fact is that everyone is an influencer. Your favorite actress, your style icon, your mom and your next-door neighbor all have a level of influence. When it comes down to promoting your brand, personal connection is key. It’s the reason our inner circles and community Ambassadors are the true influencers.

As brand marketers, we are inundated with various factors such as demographics, aesthetics, reach, and engagement; all of which are careful considerations when contracting an influencer for our campaigns. We aren’t the only ones suffering from decision fatigue, though. On the flip side, our customers are also faced with hundreds of ads, product plugs, and constant bombardment of options for a single product on a daily basis! 

How can marketers strategically engage the right influencers who have a direct & genuine impact on their target audience?

Traditional macro-influencer or celebrity endorsed-campaigns are losing credibility. Marketing experts are turning more towards micro-influencers which prove to have better engagement rates, work niche markets, and are more affordable than their celebrity counterparts.

Ultimately, there are two types of micro-influencers in this world….

Authentic Ambassador: Uses their social media platform to connect, inspire, educate, and network. Their following base is built through genuine interactions. They have a high engagement rate, and their brand endorsements align with their personal interests and values. 

Sell Out: They predominantly use their social media platform to monetize their profiles in any manner possible, such as buying followers, engagement or comments. Their “machine gun approach” translates to heavily sponsored posts, lack of connection, and low engagement rates. 

Ambassadors are the true influencers because they are the people who are most intimately connected to your audience, demographics or your customers. They socially reside in the inner circles of their trusty friends, family, and community members. Their engagement is authentic, and their reach is personalized.

Ambassadors educate, promote, and integrate brand narratives seamlessly within their own personal stories. Their engagement is consistently expected from their most loyal and trusted follower base.

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