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Ditch the tourists: Your guide to unique Los Angeles experiences

Rachael Blackwood / June 1, 2018
Woman walking dog to Hollywood sign

You’ve seen the Getty half a dozen times. If you have go to the Walk of Fame or Chinese Theater one more time, you’re likely to burst into tears and win an Oscar yourself. You can see the Hollywood sign from your own balcony! It definitely sounds like it’s time for you explore beyond the beaten track. If you’re searching for new things to do in Los Angeles, California, why not check out these unique Los Angeles experiences?

Underground Tunnels of Los Angeles

Explore the illegal drinking dens under the streets of Downtown LA, created by corrupt city officials during prohibition.

The Echo Park Time Travel Mart

Planning a trip through the fourth dimension? You’ll want to stock up on the supplies available at this kitsch supermarket.

Cat Cafe Yoga

Stretch and chill out with furry felines then sip tea after class in the heart of LA at Crumbs & Whiskers Cafe. All kitties have been saved from shelters and are available for adoption.

The Last Bookstore

Located in an abandoned bank, this isn’t the last bookstore in Los Angeles… yet.

Books on shelves

GameHäus Café

Challenge your friends and see who wins all in classic and new board and strategy games, while enjoying tasting treats and beer.

The Chandelier Tree

Located in trendy Silverlake, this tree lights up every night as a public art installation.


Not a destination, but the way to access an extreme variety of individualized, personal experiences, classes, and adventures in one handy app.

White water rafting

The Old LA Zoo Picnic Area

Explore these abandoned zoo enclosures and enjoy a picnic in the sunshine.

Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens

The place to escape the LA rat race, return to nature and regain your balance.

Korean Friendship Bell

Beautiful park grounds to inspire friendly thoughts and some spectacular views. Also a perfect site to fly a kite!

Garden of Oz

If you can make the trip during their super exclusive hours, this folksy, whimsical garden is the work of over 75 contributing artists.

iFLY Hollywood

One of the more unique Los Angeles experiences, here you can enjoy an indoor skydiving experience with 60 seconds of free fall.

Two people ziplining

Aside from these specific unique Los Angeles experiences, there are also a whole range of adventures like learning to fly, abseiling, skydiving, parasailing, kite surfing lessons, ziplining, stand-up paddleboarding, wine tasting, ghost tours, sailing lessons, styling and shopping assistance, pole dancing, escape rooms, and whale watching tours.

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