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Six effective engagement trends of 2021 to boost your Instagram insights

Alex Reconco / March 23, 2021

We all know that influencer marketing is becoming one of the main marketing tools for most brands in 2021. Influencer marketing is key in creating relationships between brands and people, which then creates a foundation of trust and loyalty between the consumers and brands. Being able to see a real person promote a brand is something that we are seeing more every day and is notably going to be a key marketing tool throughout the years.

In order to stay in the “game”, here are some engagement trends you need to adopt to be the best brand ambassador you can be:

  • Diversity and inclusivity
  • Value-driven content 
  • Long-term partnerships 
  • Video Content 
  • Call to Action posts
  • Focus on engagement more than reach

Diversity and Inclusivity

Diversity is key when posting on social media because the reality is there are so many different individuals on all different paths of life. Being diverse as an ambassador shows brands that you can reach a multitude of different people and can connect with them with your content. Including diversity in your unique content creates the authenticity and relatability essential for success. 2020 did shed a light on the lack of diversity in many companies and as an ambassador, you need to make sure you are showing your quirkiness and embodying your “it” factor.

As for being inclusive, make sure you are thinking about other points of view and try not to post anything controversial or engage in anything that can come off as insensitive. Being inclusive furthermore emphasizes your ability to reach more audiences which brands see and acknowledge as beneficial for their image.

Value-Driven Content

The most important thing in your content is being yourself, and showing your audience the real person behind the camera. Being that we have seen the era of Instagram where everything was staged and “perfect”, now is the time where more creatives are breaking the norm and being more real. Showing yourself and being transparent with your audience creates a sense of relatability and your audience feels more connected to you. Try to make your content more specific to you and show your audience what you’re all about.

Long-term Partnerships

Long-term partnerships simply means that you should collaborate with the same brands/companies more often to create a solid relationship with them. Having a solid relationship with brands positively affects your followers’ perception of you because it highlights your consistency. Followers like to see that you actually like the brand whether it’s clothes, skincare, vitamins, food, etc, so be real and work with companies you actually like. Your followers are more inclined to trust your opinions if they see consistency with your sponsorships and content. Brands that work with you the first time already like your content and your style. Working with them consistently and gaining a relationship with the brand will lead to more opportunities for you. 

Video Content

Video content specifically short-form videos has gained engagement superiority over photos due to the rising popularity of TikTok, Reels, and IGTV. Video content tends to be more effective due to the nature of how we consume media today. Short-form videos are the best because the information you want to get across to your audience is absorbed quicker. When creating video content, be sure to have honest, real, in-the-moment type videos or even comedic ones if it fits your niche and you’ll see an increase in engagement from your followers. Another thing to consider is whether the video you created is fitting for the platform. There are different trends on TikTok that differ from popular trends on Instagram so just be aware of the kind of content you create for each social media platform and stick with content that is native to the platform.

Call to Action

Another way to increase your engagement is to incorporate more “call to action” features whether it be in stories or on your feed posts. A “call to action”, or CTA is very important for an ambassador when working with a brand especially because engagement is a top priority to the brand. CTAs in your regular posts can simply be a question in your caption that you ask your followers to answer in the comments, a poll on your story, or even a Q & A in your story as well – really anything that makes your followers feel more connected to you and drive engagement. As for CTA when you are doing a campaign, it might look like promo codes and the use of the swipe up feature on your stories. Basically, the more engaged you are with your audience on your non-sponsored posts, you will generate more engagement on your sponsored posts too.

Engagement > Reach

With the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, it’s nearly impossible to really understand it but what you can do is focus on engagement. Make sure to be engaged with your audience but also make sure they are engaging with your content. Just like in the real world, cultivating a new relationship requires effort from both parties. Relationship-building is a two-way street and engagement drives engagement. You can stay engaged with your audience by liking, viewing stories, and occasionally commenting on a post if you truly connect with it.


The main takeaway from this article is to always be yourself, stay consistent, be engaged with your audience, and create content that you enjoy making. With these six effective engagement trends and with your effort as an ambassador, you can expect to see more engagement on your posts, videos, or any content you put out in 2021.