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SCORE! 4 Ways Brands Can Reach Gen Z Through Gaming

Katrina Jefferson / October 7, 2020

It’s becoming a trend to talk about Gen Z and their impact on society. Looking at all the stats, we understand what all the chatter is about. Did you know that Gen Zer’s, people ages 7 to 22, have spending power of $143 Billion dollars this year? Smart brands do.

Although Gen Z is super digital (think Discord, Twitch, TikTok, Snapchat), they still feel connection and community is important.  This is the consumer that will advocate and show up at social cause rallies they believe in. To that end, brands like adidas, are a win with this group, due to their constant and consistent inclusivity and community integrations for brand campaigns. These brands also win when they bring in influencers from a variety of verticals, who also believe in the brand.

So how can you reach Gen Z through the Gaming vertical? Here are 4 ways brands can reach Gen Z through gaming:

  1. Align with the latest game. So you can start doing Fortnite product placements, (the Quay specs or a Gatorade power up for example) avatars, or players. In any case, getting in game facetime won’t be forgotten easily.
  1. Host a gaming event. Whether you want to align with a new game or one that’s got staying power, hosting a gaming event is such a great way to stay interactive and fresh with Gen Zer’s. Streaming is huge and watching other gamers play is a thing, so maybe your brand can integrate a sponsorship into a live event and do a post campaign play on social. 
  1. Using mid to micro gaming influencers for a cross vertical play. The true authenticity with campaigns comes with showing things that match the everyday lifestyle of the consumer. For example, consider using 6-8 gaming ambassadors for a campaign that is selling t-shirts or even a new beverage! This is yet another unique way to start getting into the marketplace without breaking the bank.
  1. Sponsor an eSports teamBenefit Cosmetics sync up with Gen G Esports team was one of the smartest moves to date. It was unexpected, strategic and it put Benefit on the map with a whole new audience.

Whatever you decide to do, enlist Gen Z in your decision making process. Then it’s time to plan your activation and let the games begin!