Revolutionize your small business technology with six cutting-edge tips

Rachael Blackwood / May 4, 2018
small business technology

When running a small business, sometimes it can seem like you’re wearing every hat in the book at once. Marketing expert, social media consultant, web designer, copywriter, bookkeeper, not mention what you actually provide as a business owner! However, with a few smart small business technology tips, you can reduce your time spent doing all the “business” work, remove a few hats, and focus on the one thing you’re really passionate about: providing your customers an impeccable wellness experience.

Store your data on the cloud

If you’re constantly scrambling to find what you need, if you move from computer to iPad to phone, if you work in more than one location, you can drastically reduce your time spent managing your data by simply using a cloud storage solution. It’s an essential part of any small business technology plan.

Focus on one social media outlet

If social media is overwhelming the rest of your business activities, pick one and hit it out of the park. One amazing photo every business day on Instagram is a far more successful approach than Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pintrest updated every few weeks or so. Audience members are loyal to the medium, so find your audience and post there. (Sidebar, Facebook is dead for small businesses, so don’t bother there unless you already have a large following.)

Use free apps to drive more customers to your business

Finding free apps, like Buffer, XrossWorld, or Google Analytics, to set and forget your marketing can be one of the biggest time savers in any business. Buffer helps to automate your social media posts. XrossWorld accesses their extensive range of subscribers to drive new customers to your business. Google Analytics help you analyse your customers and the way they interact with your online presence.

Have a website that is sleek, works on mobile, and enables your customers to schedule their appointments or classes

The easier you make it for customers to interact with your business, the more likely they are to return. A functional website is a no-brainer for small business technology.

Pay for specialists

While you don’t necessarily need to have a full time web designer on board, it always pays to invest in people who know more than you do. A decent web designer will ensure that your website is up to date and secure, for you and your customers’ piece of mind. A copywriter will revamp your website and marketing to truly speak to your clients. A bookkeeper can set up a system that slashes your account-keeping to half the time.

Consider if your small business technology plan would benefit from a ChatBot

If you spend a lot of time answering questions from customers, first, you need to set up a FAQ page in a prominent place on your website. Second, installing a ChatBot could help give immediate answers and provide value to your customers.

Implementing just one of these tips will change the way you do business forever. The important thing to remember is don’t allow the technology to control you. Instead, these tips put you back in control of your time to revolutionize the way you run your wellness business.

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