How XrossWorld is Addressing Covid-19

Siobhan Gorski / May 13, 2020

We are providing a safe environment to our clients, Ambassadors and staff all while maintaining business as usual during this difficult time.

The health and safety of our clients, Ambassadors and team are of the utmost importance to us. We are staying informed by monitoring the websites of the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) for any changes that could impact our partners and business. 

Here are some ways that we are protecting our staff and micro-influencers:

·      XrossWorld employees will be working from home until shelter in place orders are lifted by the state of California.

·      Ambassadors will not be sent out on “experiences” to ensure their safety while working on campaigns. All video content created for clients will be shot in the micro-influencers home. 

Positive Impact of Influencer Marketing During Covid-19

This is a challenging time for marketers who are now having to adjust their strategies and messaging so as not to appear tone deaf or opportunistic to consumers during this unprecedented pandemic. 

Social Media consumption has skyrocketed. With shelter in place and social isolation measures being implemented, consumers are looking for connection and content on social media platforms. What we’re all learning from this pandemic is that we’re all in this together, and this is how brands and businesses can pivot their strategy during these uncertain times. It’s time to tone down the sales pitch and focus on authentically supporting consumers by giving back with content that amplifies a message of community togetherness.   

Ambassadors are the trusted voice of Gen Z and young millennials and can be a business or brands best ally. Here are some ways that a XrossWorld influencer campaign can help:

·      Turn influencers into advocates to help spread crucial information about how consumers can stay safe and healthy. Influencers are also able to speak to the ways that your brand or business is adapting to meet challenges facing consumers right now. 

·      Promote charitable endeavors and relief efforts. The XrossWorld approach to influencer marketing means that brands and businesses are able to reach consumers directly in their target markets to create content that highlights how they are taking care of both their customers and community at a local level. 

·      Small businesses can use ambassadors to let customers in their local market know that they are still open for business, and how they’re adapting to meet the challenge of keeping the doors open while customers are sheltering in place. 

·      Niche verticals are more in demand than ever on social media. People are stuck in their homes and are looking for content that can educate and entertain. Fitness, cooking, DIY, beauty, fashion, health and wellness are all verticals that users rabidly are consuming. This is a great opportunity to use influencer campaigns to help diversify your business or brand and broaden audience reach. 

XrossWorld is operating in a city near you:

·      Los Angeles

·      New York

·      San Francisco

·      Nashville

Business as usual is not a reality right now but that doesn’t mean that businesses and brands have to suspend their marketing efforts. This is a time to readjust expectations and strategy. Connect with consumers in new ways. Rather than sell, this is an opportunity to support consumers and communities with the help of micro-influencers. A campaign may not increase profits during these unprecedented times but it can help build brand loyalty that can pay for itself once this situation stabilizes.

XrossWorld is here to help you meet the challenges posed by Covid-19 by continuing to assist you in meeting your business goals. Kick off your next influencer campaign today. Sign up here.

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