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How to Raise Brand Awareness During COVID

Rebecca Borrego / July 2, 2020

Summer 2020: The Virtual Revolution has dawned. Our economy was destined for a radical shift and COVID-19 has been the catalyst to our new virtualized world. Nearly every industry has been impacted and companies are shifting strategies and prioritizing values in order to stay afloat. Here are three ways you can maintain brand loyalty in a pandemic world: 

  1. Brands own up to their ethical responsibility. Today’s brands are looking beyond their own profits and reflecting upon values and the impact their product or service makes on society. We have seen a spike amongst brands that have established a mission to use their power to positively impact the planet and people. Increased transparency in supply chain, product ingredients and/or profit contributions are all essential to brand trust. Successful brands recognize that consumers hold the largest stake in a brand’s digital voice. In fact, 64% of consumers expect a brand to represent them and solve societal problems.
  2. Brands take customers through a full journey. A customer’s experience with a brand starts the moment they decide to research a brand, which makes reviews and peer referrals one of the most important factors in a purchasing decision. As more people are shopping online, the website experience, customer service, packaging, and product integrity are all critical factors to a positive brand experience.
  3. Consumers want less volume and higher quality products. The first recession of a generation along with greater awareness of sustainability, calls for products with greater integrity and a lower carbon footprint. We no longer have in-store product samples or the ability to try or touch a product before buying. Purchasing decisions are now completely digital which has given rise to the value of digital word of mouth.

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