How to Get Through a Pandemic as a Content Creator

Katrina Jefferson / October 26, 2020

This isn’t your standard emotional wellness article… but it might be a positive reinforcement.

Despite the pandemic, content creators and influencers are still connecting with brands to run their social campaigns. What’s great about this relationship is that brands understand that being empathetic and standing up for social causes are both relevant and important to their current campaigns. This has alleviated the weight on the influencer to “not be themselves” and get through a pandemic as a content creator.

However, between trying to accommodate the current marketplace, run a social channel for your brand, and take care of home (and yourself!), time to mentally rest can get dismissed or fall short. Influencers are finding great ways to give themselves a break during this pandemic by doing the following:

  1. Aligning with brands that will force them to take a break! Think about it. If I’m an influencer and I want to learn yoga or meditation, reaching out to Lululemon or Manduka might serve you well while you are on that journey. Alternatively, if tech is your thing, outreach to Headspace and other great apps could be a huge win also.
  1. Being transparent with companies they work with. It’s so key to be real right now. Everyone is going through their own thing and everyone needs a break–no matter what the circumstances–especially mentally. We’ve seen brands accomodate and even offer resources for influencers without slicing their pay. We all get the key to loyalty is transparency.
  1. Using their skills to create in a different way at home. In between all the selfies and reels, there’s this real person who actually loves to (fill in the blank) as much as he likes to show off his muscles on Instagram.  It’s that “hidden” skill that stay at home orders have allowed us to develop and nurture, whether it’s becoming the next botanist #plantlife, growing a garden, or learning how to cook Thai food! It’s become an excellent release for influencers to stay creative but break from social.
  1. Sleeping. This is so….easy to do!?! Grab a pillow, get comfortable and take a nap!!  We know a few who snooze for an hour or two in the middle of the day (…We’re not snitching) and get back to it to complete their campaigns. Proper rest is key–whether you are in a pandemic or not. 

If you’re still creating content for brands… first of all… good for you!! Just don’t forget to give yourself the mental break you need by stepping away from the devices and taking care of YOU.