Holiday Gift Ideas: Is your Brand One of Them?

Rebecca Borrego / November 25, 2020
The holiday shopping season is here. This year, the masses won’t be swarming shopping malls… Instead, brands are focused on refining their marketing strategy towards high-volume eCommerce sales.

Customers who are shopping via eCommerce lean heavily towards brands they have an affinity for. Read on for tips on holiday brand-reach tactics and how to use Ambassadors to drive sales this season.

Spreading the word on holiday promotions can be executed via a trifecta of impactful brand-reach tactics:
1. Paid advertisements: Targeting your consumers with advertising promises reach and visibility. Paid ads are a go-to for introducing your brand to your target audience. 
2. Content marketing: Building and maintaining your brand voice through social media, e-mails, blogs, and events are key to customer acquisition and retention. 
3. Ambassadors marketing: Ambassadors support every step of your customer journey on a peer-to-peer level. Consistently scale and amplify your brand message using real people.

Ambassadors complement your marketing strategy by validating your brand to your customers. Here are 3 tips on how to use brand Ambassadors this season.

Wish list Planning: It’s time to get those shopping carts and holiday wish lists filled. Get Ambassadors to help spread brand awareness and mention your brand as a top gift idea this holiday season. 

Share Experiences: Ambassadors get to experience your product first hand and share their reviews with their inner circles. Product reviews and personal referrals are a key component to building brand recognition amidst the noise during the holidays.

Drive traffic: Whether you’re setting up a sidewalk sale or hosting a secret online sales event, Ambassadors can help drive traffic to your store or website. With Ambassadors, your Call-to-Action is spread authentically through word of mouth.