Spiritual Journey: Conquering Machu Picchu

I told myself I would be a minimalist as I was packing my day bag and porter bag for the upcoming trek. The morning of Day One, I realized once again that I have no true understanding of the concept of packing lightly. Did I need three cameras? I thought so. I only had one […]

Ditch the tourists: Your guide to unique Los Angeles experiences

You’ve seen the Getty half a dozen times. If you have go to the Walk of Fame or Chinese Theater one more time, you’re likely to burst into tears and win an Oscar yourself. You can see the Hollywood sign from your own balcony! It definitely sounds like it’s time for you explore beyond the […]

Workout hacks: Six ways to beat your boredom

All relationships need a little spicing up every now and then. Even our relationship with our workout routine. If it’s a daily struggle to drag yourself to the gym, or make that dance class, or saddle up on your bike, it might be time to shake things up. Here are our top six workout hacks, […]