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Authenticity is the Key to Influence Marketing

Alex Reconco / April 9, 2021

‘Authenticity,’ one of the most common buzz words to hear when talking about social media. It’s “you have to be authentic” or “just be your natural self,” but what does that all mean to you as an Ambassador? 

The way we shop has drastically changed and we are seeing an abundance of companies reaching out to social media advocates as a way to connect with customers. Consumers, because of social media, are searching for content from sources they can trust, which means influence marketing is a great opportunity for both the brand and Ambassadors. Ambassadors are now able to brand themselves and become more than just an Instagram page and make an impact. In order for you to make an impact on social media, you need to be real and authentic and stay engaged with your audience.

Brands also need to be authentic to their values and to their customers because we are now more aware of their moral, social and political beliefs, which dictates where a lot of people shop. People want to know more about brands’ values, social impacts, and how they interact with their buyers so that they can shop consciously. In recent years, there has been a shift in how we shop due to the influence of social media and the plethora of information that we have on companies. We are slowly becoming more conscious with the way we buy our products and we admire companies that give back to their communities and help with social issues. We want to connect with brands that also give us the power to make a social impact by not only giving us a product/service but also the added bonus of supporting a business that has a positive impact. This is all through the power of social media, and for brands, it has also lit a fire for them to be more transparent, honest, authentic, and humanized. With this change, companies are searching for more authentic Ambassadors that emulate and align with their morals and values.

Authenticity in its most natural state is just you and your personality. As an Ambassador, it is important to stay real with who you are and your values. Being unique in the influence market is what is going to get you brand deals because being different is what people and brands gravitate to. We are seeing a shift from brands towards a consumer to consumer market rather than through ads which makes the influence market an even more essential aspect in marketing. The key to becoming the best Ambassador is to be ‘authentic,’ and we are going to show you how to build your personal brand in a way that makes you shine.

1. Keep it Real

Showing the real parts of your life, and being honest with your audience tends to lead to more trust and stronger relationships. This pandemic changed the way we see celebrities, we were able to see them in their pjs just doing regular things that we do. These raw, real moments that were shared gave people an inside look at who these celebrities are. People tend to gravitate to genuine people and are now appreciating all the mundane, typical moments that are shared on social media to feel connected. Keeping it real on social media allows your audience to connect with you on an emotional level and it shows them that you are a real person, just like them. 

2. Find Your Niche

Finding something you are truly passionate about like beauty or fitness can help you develop your content and help you reach more people. Being passionate about something and staying consistent within your niche allows your audience to trust your opinion on products or companies you may endorse. 

3. Be Consistent

Your audience follows you for a reason and it’s important to stay consistent with brands you collaborate with and make sure that the company matches your message. Seeing someone do brand deals after brand deals just for the money cannot be seen as authentic. In the long run, less is more when it comes to brand deals. By staying consistent, you have a greater opportunity to become a long-term brand ambassador with brands and a go-to source for friends and family members who are interested in the brand. Make sure you stay true to yourself and your content so that your audience has trust in you, and make sure that brand values are aligned. 


Authenticity comes from within and you should always be yourself on the Internet. With that being said, there is no denying that we all have some sort of filter on what we choose to share online. As long as you are real and yourself, you are in the right direction towards authenticity.  Being different is okay and it’s something that people and brands love to celebrate. As long as you are transparent, consistent, and you know your niche then the result will be authenticity.