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The anxiety generation: how millennials de-stress

Rachael Blackwood / May 18, 2018
Reduce anxiety

Millennials are the most anxiety driven generation of all time. According to the American Psychological Association, over 12% of millennials have been officially diagnosed with anxiety. Not only are we anxious and stressed, we have a decreased capacity to unwind and deal with that stress, thanks to increasing debt, a tricky job market, an overabundance of choice, and the pervasiveness of technology.

So that’s the news most likely to make your anxiety even worse than it already is. Thankfully, that same technology and abundance of choice gives us access to a wide range of solutions. Here are some of our top picks:

Stop and find silence in a retreat, 10 minutes of meditation, a massage, or a visit to nature. Unplugging from the ever-present stimuli that surrounds us is one of the fastest and most effective ways to de-stress. Even a simple breathing exercise such as this can reduce your anxiety.


The number of new things we experience in life greatly diminishes the older we get. But our generation is doing a tremendous job of seeking out experiences beyond the materialistic nature of the generations before us. Seeking out a new adventure, having fun with family and friends, exercising, or trying a new skill are great ways to let go of the pressure of everyday life and escape the screens. Just make sure not to spend so much time taking photos and video that you forget to actually enjoy the experience.

Man on bike landscape


Millennials are known for their artistic and creative pursuits. From knitting to illustration, from painting to gardening, from woodworking to adult coloring books. While these may take place with or without technology, creating something from nothing is a wonderful way to stay present in the current moment and free yourself from anxiety. Just make sure you put your perfectionist aside and focus instead on the joy of the process.

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Whatever activity appeals most to you, there’s a great new app, XrossWorld, to help reduce your stress. An online marketplace for unique experiences ranging from fitness, yoga, and dance classes, to extreme sports, martial arts, or even a relaxing massage, XrossWorld is your one-stop shop for all things anti-anxiety (of the non-pharmaceutical variety, of course.)

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