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5 Benefits of Earned Media for Small Business

Julio Cerne / August 9, 2019

In the ever-changing media landscape, are you leveraging earned media an often-overlooked opportunity?

Any small business will benefit from earned media.

Earned media is a powerful strategy to boost your digital marketing toolkit helping you achieve your marketing, branding and revenue goals.

Before we dig into how earned media can benefit your business, let’s make sure we are on the same page about what is earned media.

The term earned already indicates what the earned media value is about. It revolves around the value earned by being mentioned by clients, brand advocates, and fans of your business.

Let’s examine the benefits.

Benefits of earned media value.


How will your customers find you if you are not seen? Building your business awareness with a message to the local community targeting audience who is watching, reading or listening.

Though it’s not always instantly gratifying, earned media enhances visibility and increases traction, leading to awareness of you and your business.

Heighten Credibility

The chance to showcase and highlight your business exactly the way you choose through trusted digital media channels. Take Instagram Influencers for an example, when their followers watch their favorite someone or read an interesting article about what they liked or experienced, your business credibility rises through the roof.

Manage Messaging

Provides your business with an ideal opportunity to define who you are, what you offer and how that differentiates you from your competitors. 

Who’s telling your story?

Provide consistent messaging across a variety of digital outlets like Influencer marketing and other social media platforms your customers will easily grasped what you do.

Expand Reach

Gives businesses the opportunity to expand their reach to a variety of audiences. Even better, an earned placement gets a second life when it’s shared on social media, and reaches an entirely new audience.

Impart Value

In business, we always want to calculate ROI. Thus, earned media is a form of word-of-mouth. This form of media value is particularly important for businesses because it shows how many people talk about you apart from your paid marketing efforts.

Learn how to leverage Instagram micro Influencers to gain earned value media.

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